Breathe In .. Breathe Out …Relax

I was on the tram recently heading home for the day after a long day at work. I was tired, hangry,  hot and the air-conditioner in the tram wasn’t working. It was around 4.25pm in the evening and the school children were also heading home. I was sitting across 2 school kids, they were most likely 12 / 13 years old . I couldn’t help but overhear what they were saying. They were talking about how tired they were , how much homework they still had to do and how awful it was that their summer holiday was already over. The normal. After 2-3 mins of complaining the one girl says …”you know what we should do? , we should take our bikes out and take a ride to Stefanie’s. The feeling of wind against our faces will be amazing!”

They got all animated and excited about their plan and were really romanticizing it. Intended or not their energy rubbed off on me. What I needed wasn’t a giant tub of ice cream to eat and roll around in … no all I needed was to unplug and feel the wind against my face.. 🙂



Königswinter is home to the beautiful Schloss Drachenburg / Drachenburg Castle. Over 116 years since it was built it still is a work of art! Now I am not going to bore you with its history… you can read that when you have time here. I’m just going to explain its beauty from my point of view.

The weather that day was not too humid nor was it hot. With the weather being so conducive decided to go for a hike! I’m told there are more easier ways to get to the top of the mountain but every time I have gone there I have hiked . Those 2 small girls were right though, there’s something about being outdoors , the wind blowing in your face , breathing in that fresh crisp clean air that makes all the stresses of the week seem so trivial.

Little Cottage

After what seemed like an eternity (only 30 mins) of going uphill and asking a lot of passersby if the castle was really at the end of the road we finally saw it! The TRAM!!!!


And right opposite it was this handsome fella!

Castle Garden

It looks like something out of a Disney book doesn’t it?  I mean unreal and yet hauntingly mesmeric. The Schloss is called a castle, but in reality the original owner was just a bachelor who had made  some money on the stock exchange back in 1882 and wanted to build a home / mansion for himself. Unfortunately, he did not get to live in his dream home along the Rheine River because he died during its construction at his other home in Paris . Instead his nephew bought the property from the estate and built it himself.

The inside was also a sight to see. Most of the rooms were tastefully adorned with expensive materials and, what was considered back then displays of bravery – animal hides.

To think that this gem of a place is in my backyard but, ever since moving here I hadn’t been inside the mansion. I love traveling to distant places but exploring my surroundings is a challenge for me. This travel blog though is helping me with that! I will discover more gems nearby and afar!

What did you like most about my little adventure? Do you prefer more or less pictures? Where is your dream destination? Comment below and let me know!





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  1. Rudo says:

    Beautiful pictures Dee..l would love to see more pictures of the interior designs..
    My dream destination will have to be somewhere in the carribean islands, but one place i cant get enough of is Rome..there is so much to see there and not to mention the food! If you haven’t been there l suggest you make time and go see it for yourself.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. La Dee says:

      Thanks so much Rudo! The Caribbean Islands would be my ultimate goal too…. the white sands …. turquoise water…. goals!
      I’ve never been to Rome but its definitely up there on my to-go-to list! I will add more pictures on my next blog this Sunday!


  2. Cleoschen says:

    Now i have an excuse to visit you with my bike, take me there and i promise to indulge you in some of our Ruhrgebiet secret places🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. La Dee says:

      Hahaha….deal! We should schedule that soon before winter.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Livie says:

    the scenery is magnificent thats a place to be well done della.more pictures please

    Liked by 1 person

    1. La Dee says:

      Thank you so much! Next blog will have a lot more pictures!


  4. Ma-M-UK says:

    Young lady – Dee,
    I’m in it,pictures, pictures, wonderful pictures. Love them to bits!!! I like your taste of them old buildings, it gives more than a pleasure to meet such place in today’s technology without being there literally. Will hop through into the area one of these fine days.
    Kindly let me see of them pictures / photos in your next latest version of venue.
    So far the two blogs are brilliant, well done!!! Keep it up!!!
    La Dee

    Liked by 1 person

    1. La Dee says:

      Thank you Mamuk. Your support is greatly appreciated! x


  5. Zealous says:

    Love the style of writing, keep up the good work. Happy journeys La Dee

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Lyse says:

    La Dee!!!

    Nice one sis.Think you need to take the Mims to that castle!!!She’ll never want to leave.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. La Dee says:

      Mims should definitely join me! And I wouldn’t want her to leave ☺💕
      Thanks for the read!


  7. Lyse says:

    La Dee..

    Love it ,love it ,love it!Beautiful pics…..


    Liked by 1 person

    1. La Dee says:

      Thank you Lyse !


  8. elizabeth says:

    That castle looks amazing :). I think it’s so true, being outdoors (whether travelling or close to home) can do wonders for stress!


    1. La Dee says:

      Thanks for reading! Yes it definitely helps to be outdoors?


  9. dean says:

    Hey those are some cool pics La Dee! Nice write up too. More pics would be awesome. Already feel like am travelling to those places.


  10. I love that overhearing a single conversation made you seek all this out! How absolutely wonderful. Also this castle is to die for!


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