Prague In Pictures – The Good & The Ugly

A couple of weeks ago I went to Prague and for the first time in a long time, I had a super relaxed and extremely fun weekend of travel! Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy most if not all my travels. This time, however, was an extremely enjoyable one.

You know how it is when everything lines up and even exceeds your expectations? That’s exactly how this Prague trip was. First and foremost – the journey to Prague.  I had the entire back seat row on the bus to myself. Score! And a few seats in front of me were free which meant silence. Double score!! Oh,.. the little things.  We boarded the bus in Cologne at 8:30 pm and departed at around 8:45 pm. All my devices were fully charged and I had downloaded a few episodes of Criminal Minds onto my tablet.  The plan was get on the bus have a few chocolate bars drink my hot chocolate watch a few episodes and then sleep. And it panned out! Seeing that this was a 4-5 day trip I brought my fluffy blanket and my comfy sweatshirt with me. The 9-hour trip went by like a breeze. Apart from the few stops we had to pick other people up I was generally undisturbed. I needed the time alone because I had had the longest and most stressful week so this was exactly what the doc recommened. Space, comfort and my favourite tv series!

I am kinda getting used to travelling by bus and that I am finally able to sleep on them. This is my first moving thing I’ve been able to fall asleep on. So out of the 9ish hours, I spent 6 of them asleep.

As we got to Prague we had the good fortune of getting an amazing tour guide, Keith with a green umbrella. He made sure to point out all the fascinating history behind some of the architecture in Prague. For instance, the Prague Castle had a bit of an interesting history. The architect who built the Matthias Gate (most likely Giovani Maria Filipi) requested more money as compensation when he realised how big of an undertaking it truly was. The Emporer, of course, refused to pay more and told Giovani he would not get paid more. As a result, when he inscribed the building he wrote Ano. which was short of ‘ass’ or ‘anus’ in Italian or Portuguese instead of writing ano the short of the year. Sidenote it’s amazing that out of the whole 5-hour tour that’s what stuck!

We made our way to the Charles Bridge and saw the sights there and after a few hours in the rain, we finally stopped for lunch. I had the traditional meal of stewed rabbit and cabbage served with dumplings although the dumplings never made their way to my plate, (they forgot) it was delicious!

When it was finally time to head to our hostel I was kaputt! Total Fertig. I was tired of walking for over 7-hours  and of sleeping on a bus (look no matter how comfy a bus is, it still isn’t a bed). I wasn’t too keen on sharing a room with 5 other women and seeing as this was my second stay in a hostel I didn’t know what to expect but at this point, I didn’t care that much, I only wanted a hot shower and a bed.

The hostel itself is part of a chain of hostels called Plus Hostel, now I do not know much about the hostel life but this place is really good. We had a sauna, a sea salt swimming pool and a restaurant at our disposal. There is an underground volleyball pitch, a laundry mat, a gym and games room. Seeing how a bit out of the centre of Prague this place is, I think the entertainment they have well makes up for that. To say I was pleased is an understatement. This was exactly what my little heart desired! Some of the women I shared a room with became good friends and one, in particular, I grew quite fond of as I got to know her more than I did before. We got to go out at night with most in the group and that in turn led to me getting out of my comfort zone and getting to know more people. So all in all hostel life rocks!

The next 2 days were spent touring Prague and being rained on – seriously it rained a lot. I got to see the change of guard ceremony, tried new dishes and new (tasting) alcohol.

Anyway, enjoy the pics! They are in no order whatsoever. Some of them are more detailed on my Instagram.


Charles Bridge Selfie
St Vitus Cathedral


River Vltava
John Lennon Wall


St Vitus
Traditional Food
Astronomical Clock
Dancing House


Taking a picture of the Vltava

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