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“Where are you?”

“What’s going on?”

“Hey, you haven’t been online much are you okay?”

“Dee, where are you, why are you so quiet?”

“Have you quit blogging?

First of all, thank you to all my friends and readers who have been with me from the beginning of this adventure. You guys truly are every girl’s dream come true. All of the messages and emails I have received from you are just a huge motivation for me and I truly am grateful.


Some of you haven’t noticed my absence. WHY!?!?  That is perfectly fine.  If you, like me, needed a break from social media, I can totally relate. Seriously you didn’t notice I was gone??? 😦  I stopped posting on my Instagram and my Facebook pages for a few weeks so that I could focus on my real life. A number of changes have happened in my real life this year some very exciting ones and others just necessary, so putting forth my best foot was necessary. I can’t believe you’re not feeling bad for not noticing.  That though is a discussion for another day.

Let’s chat about my trips around Europe for a while. As some of my close friends know, I have always been a huge lover of travel. I have always been fond of exploring new places and different cultures and getting to know people on a more deeper level. Last year I had the opportunity to travel to a number of cities. I had more time to do so and I had made a conscious decision to make an effort to travel. Some of it I blogged about, and some I did not.  The thing about the some of these trips I made was they were made in order for me to blog about. I did not notice that in the beginning really, I just enjoyed booking my trips and going on about hitting the landmarks and I thought I was content with that. I was incredibly mistaken.

On one of my trips, this year I realised how much I was missing out on by only hitting the big landmarks. Prague was special to me for a number of reasons. Many of which I mentioned in my post here. The huge one though was rediscovering the art of slow travel. Slow travel has become an art because the world we live in today is so fast paced some of us have lost track of the beauty of taking everything in. It is when you do not rush through a city or a place you’re visiting, you do not only hit up the popular and touristy landmarks, but you take your time to travel through the neighbourhoods, you get to experience the day-to-day lives of the locals, try the local food, which means not going to McDonalds or KFC or Burger King, strike up conversations with the locals and learn much more about the area.

Taking a picture of the Vltava
John Lennon Wall

My love for telling stories and taking pictures still burns within me, so since I have now found the balance between blogging and slow travel, I am more than ready to jump back in and keep discovering this beautiful earth we inhabit.



So get ready to be reading a whole lot more! Let me know what you’ve learnt on your recent vacation! I’d love to know. 🙂



7 Comments Add yours

  1. Cleoschen says:

    Welcome back darling, its always a breeze reading through your posts.


    1. Traveltoots says:

      Thanks love ❤


  2. Livie says:

    I love reading your posts,was suprised why you stopped…hope you post soon.l hvn’t trvel lately so nothing to tell😩


    1. Traveltoots says:

      Haha life took over for a while. But I’m back with daily posts!


  3. jhubert75 says:

    I do recommend multiple-day bicycle trips for exploring Germany (or many other European countries). With trains and cars you are always in auch a dreadful hurry to get from place to place, but with bicycles you can stop anywhere and enjoy the sights.

    And the bicycle infrastructure is excellent.


    1. Traveltoots says:

      I totally love cycling! Whichever city I travel to I try by all means to cycle on one of the days. It truly is marvelous! 😌


      1. jhubert75 says:

        Germany has the “Radfernwege” network google the term for some maps. I noticed that you live along the Rhine (as I do, since September) – there should be a big one along the river going both to its source and all the way to the ocean. Most major rivers have bicycle routes along them – I did a six day trip from the source of the Main all the way to Hanau a few years ago.


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