Day 2 – 20 Facts About Me



I woke up really early today and looked at what I was supposed to post on the blog. It’s a hard one – for me. I hope I’m not the only person who struggles with answers when asked to take an introspective look at themselves?

Ask me about the meaning of life and I’ll give you an answer in a heartbeat, ask me anything to do with my life and I’ll hesitate, I’ll fumble for a while and finally, I’ll mumble out some generic answer. 

I realized something today; I’m a person who doesn’t like to share much about themselves. I see no point to it. I don’t think I’m that interesting. Anyways here goes…


The next blog post asks for me to tell you 20 things about myself. I will try. This is very difficult for me. I’ll let you know how long the list took to come up with at the end.

  1. I am the last born of 4 children

  2. I am also the last born of 13 children (dad’s kids)

  3. I used to be very curious. Like when I was 2-5 years old, when my mom or dad was on the phone to someone I’d quietly tap them on the leg or arm and say ‘ndiani?’ ‘who is it?’ It annoyed my parents but they always told me who they were on the phone with. 🙂 If they didn’t I’d keep asking all day

  4. I ran long distance in school and took the trophy home more than once

  5. When I was 8 going on 9 I broke my leg on a rock whilst doing a cross-country obstacles race. That ended my athletics career. I am still sad about this

  6. I keep multiple journals at a time. I currently have 3

  7. Due to my personal beliefs, I do not partake in birthdays, Christmases etc (no I do not feel ‘left out’??)

  8. I am a real family person. Love my people and would do anything for them

  9. I am addicted to gadgets and I love IT

  10. I take very good care of my plants (this is a recent development)

  11. I love cats. I love their arrogance. I can not have one at the moment. We had 5 dogs when I was growing up. I’m over dogs.

  12. I love food and cooking!

  13. I hate confrontation

  14. I prefer movies and TV shows over music

  15. I love love love to read

  16. I do not do Horror anything. Thrillers yes horrors no 

  17. I don’t really like crying. You know how you’re told to have a good cry? I hate it. I would rather…

  18. Run. I love to run despite my injured knee.  So whenever things get to be a bit too much in life I run

  19. My middle name is not on my birth certificate. Or any official documents. Those near and dear know it

  20. I’m a huge advocate of going after what you want in life



I could go on and on… This exercise or whatever this was, it was really interesting. Some of the things I mentioned above became reaffirmed in my heart and mind as I was writing them.

You know how in the beginning I said I don’t find myself interesting? Well, after this I know I am very interesting and I am very complex. I love it! 

See you tomorrow for another post!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. jhubert75 says:

    Never tell yourself that you are “boring” or otherwise “deficient”! There is no shortage of people in real life who will be happy to tell other people what they think their flaws are, so why encourage them?


    1. Traveltoots says:

      Haha! Tell me about it! I did find out how interesting I am after I finished writing the post. I’ve always gone about life being the ‘listener’ and not the ‘talker’ but having an in depth look at myself totally dispelled the “I’m boring” thoughts! Thanks ! 😌


      1. jhubert75 says:

        Everyone has interesting stories to tell – it’s just that some have to work harder at overcoming their reluctance to do so.

        And personally I always find it fascinating to read the thoughts of foreigners about my native country – so thanks for sharing them!


  2. Cleoschen says:

    No. 3 kills me,😂😂😂. Thank u for sharing.


  3. Beaton says:

    if your middle name is not on your birth certificate or any government document is it really your middle name or its a made up name lol???

    riddle me that

    A person is always interesting when yu take a second look, when you peek beneath the mask………


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