My 5 Favourite Blogs

Day 4

Have you ever wondered how blogging came into existence? Is this a new phenomenon? Why do people blog?  Why do you read blogs?

The History…

If you think about it, blogging has been around since man could write and tell stories. Accounts of peoples lives have always been documented and some people like Richard Wright thought it educational and eye-opening to share their own personal stories with the world. The world wide web also helped launch blogging as we know it today. We were all used to writing in our diaries and journals.  People wrote personal thoughts and sometimes opinions they had on certain matters happening in their communities or schools. So people decided to take their stories from ink and transfer them to bytes. From that blogging was born.

Today I just want to share a few blogs I enjoy reading from time to time. One is so well written and I am often amazed at how the writer is always able to express themselves so beautifully and so eloquently.


Her blog is all about fashion, travel and beauty. Victoria makes me want to know more about the world of beauty, which is really strange because I am one person that does not care too much about makeup and nail varnishes. I think the way she presents everything makes one intrigued and to some extent, they become curious enough to even dabble in makeup and fashion. I also love her YouTube channel. Her aesthetic is goals!! Her unique approach to a niche that’s so popular in today’s digital world is so appealing.

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Never let the moment pass you by ✨🌟

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A Swede born fashion and Instagram blogger. She travels – a lot. Her blogs are short and straight to the point. She also vlogs on YouTube.


Minnie Seibt is a Berlin-based fashion blogger and content creator. I stumbled upon her instagram last year and since then I continue to enjoy her posts and updates.


Leonie  Hanne is a German blogger and Instagrammer Her main focus is Haute Couture. It is interesting to take a peak into a world I know very little about. She seems to be one of the most requested content creators by brands such as Aigner, Prada, Luis Vuitton and the like.

My fifth favourite blogger is quite recent. I forget the name and blog name (oops) I’ll try to find it and add it to this post when I find it.

So that’s it for this post! Sorry I wasn’t able to post yesterday. The flu bug is going around and I think one of my workmates passed it on to me. After a day of rest and rejuvenation I feel a lot better.

See you tomorrow for the next post!

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