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Day 5

After my last introspective post, (does that make sense?) I feel much more confident delving into this one. My last post made me take a look at myself with a magnifying glass and list off traits and qualities that I wanted to share with you. I obviously chose to list my more positive and endearing qualities. I mean who would want the world to know how crazy they are in the first few minutes of meeting them?? In this post, I introduce you to my not so glamorous self. My worst self. Enjoy!

Stock ImageMy utmost worst habit is procrastination. My oh, my do I procrastinate. It’s so annoying and frustrating to me when I find myself putting off an item on my to-do-list. Sometimes I knowingly procrastinate. I actually set an item aside for later and later becomes forgotten. Most of the time, because this trait is so deeply ingrained to my core, its subconscious, somewhat automatic when I postpone action on an item.

A few years ago my procrastination got me into a bit of trouble. See I’m one person who used to hate opening my mail ie actual letters. I  would let my letterbox get full to the brim and not check it for weeks on end, sometimes even months. By the way back then, at my old flat, the letterbox was at the door; right by the door, but I would traipse past it on my way up the stairs to my little apartment. That particular year I let my mail pile up for 3 months or so. Well, you can guess what happened next, without going into too much detail, you could say I learnt my lesson. These days I check my mail regularly and I always respond to it. If it’s not that urgent I set a reminder for myself to get to it at a later time.

My second worst habit is how comfortable I am with my own company. (This could be listed as a good trait too – depending). It all started in high school. I had good friends, we enjoyed each others company. Unfortunately, we all lived ways away from each other, as a result, we spent as much time as we could at school.

Back then my grandma wouldn’t allow me to wander off on my own, let alone get out the main gate. As a young girl living in the ghetto, (Fiyo!!),  it was next to impossible to just open the gate and go wherever. If I did want to go somewhere, I had to be accompanied by my cousin or one of my aunts. It was annoying when I was a kid but I will definitely be doing that to my niece. So I had to settle on entertaining myself.  I read a lot of novels, broke a lot of gadgets only to repair them again, did my homework and sat for hours by the phone (landline waiting on a call from a friend. 

Although it started in high school, I’ve noticed how that same trait has a hold on my life now. I turn down way too many invitations, I’m overjoyed when a dinner or event is cancelled, I prefer to walk around my apartment than to meet up with my friends. So although this is deep-rooted, little by little I am breaking free from it. I am going out more and as of late,  I make sure I plan more outings.

Great Zimbabwe Ruins
Great Zimbabwe Ruins

Do you have any bad habits? Let me know in the comments below!  🙂

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  1. jhubert75 says:

    They line up surprisingly well. Procrastination remains an issue, and I have always been an introvert. Fortunately, working as a project manager requires me to do a lot of social interaction every day.

    Another issue – which probably overlaps with “procrastination” is that I have lots of ideas for all sorts of hobby projects, but I rarely make the time to actually finish them. This they remain, half-written, on my hard drive.

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  2. Joseph says:

    One thing about me that I need to learn is to say NO.
    It’s quite a challenge. Been learning it. Sometimes u just have to say no; it might hurt the person, but it will be for a good cause. It might even be a business deal that u have to turn away. Don’t worry about how, “they will struggle without you. You let them down. “ if u say yes, and end up struggling yourself, whilst they are alright, if might have not been worth it. …

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