To My Siblings – A Love Letter 💌

In life, we are afforded opportunities to reflect, to contemplate, to look back on. And each time I do so, there are 3 solid tangible beings that are my reasons to remain sane and motivated in life. So to you 3 beautiful beings, this letter is for you.

The Hen, The Baby Sis, The Rock and me!

The Rock

My older brother has, as older siblings usually are, always been the rock of the family. I know the other 2 are screaming right now but let me explain.

In his own way and in ways people do not understand or appreciate, he has always been the selfless one. He has left room in his life to be the things we all need or didn’t know we needed until he was there. Each time in the past when either of us was broken, alone, scared or happy I can still see and feel how he was there for each of us.  There were times when I was heart-broken, when I was wounded and when I thought I was failing at everything in life and I only had to speak to him and he would give me the courage I needed to persevere or offer a perspective on the matter I didn’t have. Sometimes he didn’t need to talk to me, his actions did a lot to show me that he was and always would be there to get me through the good and the bad. 

Now I admit, at the time, this was over 13 years ago, I didn’t understand him, I didn’t understand the choices he made and the reasons he did what he did. I’m not sure he did either but now 13 years on, looking back at it, I get it. I get him. His selflessness meant him taking the back seat in so many situations, he put us ahead of him in every situation. He was and always will be my hero. Thank you big bro! ♥

The Hen

I choose to call my other brother the hen because of his protective nature. Unbeknownst to him, he taught me the value of loyalty and family.

On family: I remember when we were younger, we were riding our bicycles from school, I think I was in grade 2 and he was in grade 7, some boys he was friends with were riding behind us and saying some really terrible things to my sister who was grade 5 at the time. I remember him stopping his bike and telling us to ride on, then he stopped the boys and told them very sternly to stop bullying my sister. He caught up to us and so did they, instead of stopping the carried on with their nasty remarks and now I was crying and my sister started crying and that’s when he lost it! Safe to say, those boys never ever bothered us ever again.

That’s who he is at his core, he is always ready to protect either one of us, including his older brother. He protects, always wants to provide and is always there when you need him with prayer, encouragement and amazing words of wisdom. Love you big bro! ♥

The Baby Sis

Growing up I always wanted a younger sibling. I begged my parents incessantly for another sibling but that never happened. So I remain the last born of four children. But because I desperately wanted a younger sibling I, at a the very young age of 7/8, decided to make my older sister my little sister. Weird I know but there a method to my madness and it works for me! Haha..

My sister is exactly 2 years older than me. She’s the typical middle child. She loves the attention from the rest of the family, I detest any attention on me. So it made sense to me at a young age to dote on her and treat her like she was the younger one, but not in a bad way. I just wanted someone I could spoil, play with and protect. It got a bit messy when we were teenagers trying to navigate whatever teenage drama we were going through. But as soon as we hit our mid 20’s we were back to my preferred role as the big sister.

She’s made me an aunt, been my secret keeper, shopping buddy (despite the distance), sparring partner (we fight – as siblings do), been a genuine friend and my mental health go-to person.

Seriously, everyone needs a person in their family who they can go to when they aren’t doing too well mentally and my sister is that for me. I text her at odd hours with all sorts of issues from my spirituality to silly food stuff and she always gets me, and always lets me vent. Sometimes I send a ‘hey, I need 2 mins’ text and she drops whatever she’s doing and let’s me vent and honestly that’s helped me so much over the years! ♥

And!!! She recently admitted that I’m the perfect older sister!! 🙂

I’m grateful to my parents for you. I don’t know where I’d be without you three. I don’t know who I’d be without you.

Thank you for being the people you are, thank you for being my people!

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  1. The least says:

    This lil big sister of mine!!Haana hana…telling the whole world I love attention!!!….I do not…..okay maybe a little …kkkk,who doesn’t? Yes sometimes she is wise beyond her years,very loving and very straight forward.
    I love you toots,so sweet of you to write us a letter. Am grateful for you everyday and on some days especially,only you know..
    Thanks for saving the best for last…sorry the hen,and the rock.Love you all and thanks to the 2 special women in our lives, mom and our older sis, AM.xoxoxo

    Liked by 1 person

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