Hostel Stay – Should you do it?

Why did I choose to stay in hostels for my vacation? Well, for 2 simple reasons; It’s cheap It’s a great way to meet new people When I started planning for my vacation, I decided from the very beginning that I’d stay in a hostel. My usual travel buddies could not make this trip because…

My Health Habits

My crush and his friends were standing a few metres away ahead of me, up to no good no doubt. I was having difficulty walking because duhh my crush was standing there!!

My 5 Favourite Blogs

Day 4 Have you ever wondered how blogging came into existence? Is this a new phenomenon? Why do people blog?  Why do you read blogs? The History… If you think about it, blogging has been around since man could write and tell stories. Accounts of peoples lives have always been documented and some people like Richard…

Day 2 – 20 Facts About Me

You know how in the beginning I said I don’t find myself interesting? Well, after this I know I am very interesting and I am very complex. I love it! 

Day 1 – Travel Toots The Adventure Blog

Last night I decided to do this. I sat there and thought to myself, “Yes, I will blog every day for 30 days” lord help me! So I quickly took out my tablet and searched for the screenshots I made earlier this year on what to blog about for 30 days. Could I do it?…

Press Play : Travel Toots – The Adventure Blog

“Where are you?” “What’s going on?” “Hey, you haven’t been online much are you okay?” “Dee, where are you, why are you so quiet?” “Have you quit blogging? First of all, thank you to all my friends and readers who have been with me from the beginning of this adventure. You guys truly are every…

Prague In Pictures – The Good & The Ugly

The Emperor, of course, refused to pay more and told Giovani he would not get paid more. As a result, when he inscribed the building he wrote Ano. which was short of ‘ass’ or ‘anus’ in Italian or Portuguese instead of writing ano the short of the year.