Hostel Stay – Should you do it?

Why did I choose to stay in hostels for my vacation? Well, for 2 simple reasons; It’s cheap It’s a great way to meet new people When I started planning for my vacation, I decided from the very beginning that I’d stay in a hostel. My usual travel buddies could not make this trip because…

Day 2 – 20 Facts About Me

You know how in the beginning I said I don’t find myself interesting? Well, after this I know I am very interesting and I am very complex. I love it! 

Day 1 – Travel Toots The Adventure Blog

Last night I decided to do this. I sat there and thought to myself, “Yes, I will blog every day for 30 days” lord help me! So I quickly took out my tablet and searched for the screenshots I made earlier this year on what to blog about for 30 days. Could I do it?…

Prague In Pictures – The Good & The Ugly

The Emperor, of course, refused to pay more and told Giovani he would not get paid more. As a result, when he inscribed the building he wrote Ano. which was short of ‘ass’ or ‘anus’ in Italian or Portuguese instead of writing ano the short of the year.