32 Hours in Maastricht, Netherlands

A sunny weekend in Maastricht

My Health Habits

My crush and his friends were standing a few metres away ahead of me, up to no good no doubt. I was having difficulty walking because duhh my crush was standing there!!

Prague In Pictures – The Good & The Ugly

The Emperor, of course, refused to pay more and told Giovani he would not get paid more. As a result, when he inscribed the building he wrote Ano. which was short of ‘ass’ or ‘anus’ in Italian or Portuguese instead of writing ano the short of the year.

Amsterdam In A Day

  I get so excited when I discover new things, new places, bargains and hidden treasures! This post has it all….. I recently had the great privilege of joining a Book Club. (I know , I know , yes I am that old now ….lol!) Anyway, this book club has brought me out of my’…

Breathe In .. Breathe Out …Relax

I was on the tram recently heading home for the day after a long day at work. I was tired, hangry,  hot and the air-conditioner in the tram wasn’t working. It was around 4.25pm in the evening and the school children were also heading home. I was sitting across 2 school kids, they were most…