Day 1 – Travel Toots The Adventure Blog

Last night I decided to do this. I sat there and thought to myself, “Yes, I will blog every day for 30 days” lord help me! :/

So I quickly took out my tablet and searched for the screenshots I made earlier this year on what to blog about for 30 days. Could I do it? Could I really add this to the massive pile of ‘things-to-do’ I have already? Crazily enough, the answer to both questions was an excited YES!!

See, that’s the thing about passions, we all have something we enjoy doing immensely, and because of that we never think of it as a burden or “work”, on the contrary, it is the one thing that gives us balance and helps us escape and relax.

On with it….


to what? to who?

An intro to the blog and to the person behind it. My About page briefly touches on this but I guess there’s a more detailed introduction is necessary.

When I was 12 or so I went on my first school trip. I don’t remember much about it actually, but I do remember the excitement I felt and how much I tried to rub it in my siblings’ noses. You see, my siblings were fortunate enough to go to Geoff Cox Adventure Camp for their school trip. Back in my day that was the highlight of any school goer! I was so envious of them, I remember each year or each new grade I started I always used to think ‘ok, 5 more years to go, ok 4 more years to go then at 3 more years.’  Unfortunately, I stopped counting at ‘three years to go’. I moved cities and changed schools. My whole life changed and going on a school trip didn’t seem feasible anymore. So when my new school told me of the Victoria Falls trip I was more than happy. It was a place my brothers and sister had not been to and so I definitely had my share

When my new school announced the Victoria Falls trip I was so happy about it but I had already concluded that we couldn’t afford it.  A few days after that announcement I decided to chance it and ask my mom if I could go.  My mother, being the darling that she is, already knew about the trip, she was just waiting on me to decide to tell her about it. I was going to Vic Falls baby!! I remember how excited I was. Here I was, a mere 11 / 12 years old going on her first holiday, to a place the rest of my sibling hadn’t been. That’s where it all began.

I remember getting drenched from the showers from the falls, I remember the long and arduous train ride. Most of all I remember the feeling of wonder, of adventure, the feeling of discovery.  This feeling was etched deep in my heart. I did not want to lose it ever.

So that’s the story, that’s how the desire to discover, to see, to live was born!

Victoria Falls
Stock Image

Victoria Falls

Stock Image

By the way ….. HAPPY AUTUMN!!


Stay tuned for tomorrows post! 

6 Comments Add yours

  1. ShingiriraI Guvamombe says:

    That’s interesting Dee, looking forward to hear more from you,


    1. Traveltoots says:

      Thanks Shingi! Keep following and reading 😌


  2. Cleoschen says:

    Applause applause, 30 days of blogging sounds like trying a diet for me, such hard work


  3. Beaton says:

    I did one of these for the month of September…. its quite the challenge but fortunately the were lotsa other people also doing it so the was support and if someone else is doing it you be like why cant I

    PS Am I missing some of your posts saw upto day 6?


    1. Traveltoots says:

      No they stopped at day 6…. hahahaha……its been a hectic one!


      1. Beaton says:



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