32 Hours in Maastricht, Netherlands

A sunny weekend in Maastricht


Marrakesh – الجزء الأول

Come read along as I take on an adventure through Mother Africa!

My 5 Favourite Blogs

Day 4 Have you ever wondered how blogging came into existence? Is this a new phenomenon? Why do people blog?  Why do you read blogs? The History… If you think about it, blogging has been around since man could write and tell stories. Accounts of peoples lives have always been documented and some people like Richard…

Prague In Pictures – The Good & The Ugly

The Emperor, of course, refused to pay more and told Giovani he would not get paid more. As a result, when he inscribed the building he wrote Ano. which was short of ‘ass’ or ‘anus’ in Italian or Portuguese instead of writing ano the short of the year.

Switzerland In A Day

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of going to Europe, more specifically I dreamed of going to Paris and Zurich. As a young girl living in Zimbabwe, this dream was not only ridiculous but, it seemed impossible. Now fast forward 15 years to sometime in early October as I stepped off the bus…

Breathe In .. Breathe Out …Relax

I was on the tram recently heading home for the day after a long day at work. I was tired, hangry,  hot and the air-conditioner in the tram wasn’t working. It was around 4.25pm in the evening and the school children were also heading home. I was sitting across 2 school kids, they were most…

Rotterdam – I Fell In Love

Rotterdam is a beautiful city in the  South of Holland in the Netherlands.  The natives say the city was once completely leveled or destroyed in the second world war. But touring around it today one can never tell. The architecture is amazing (I love architecture), the people are warm and friendly and the city is vibrant! One can…